Another solid lesbian medical romance book by Radclyffe

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lesbian medical romance book

Another solid lesbian medical romance book by Radclyffe

Review of ‘Love on the Night Shift’ by Radclyffe


No one in lesfic writes medical romances like Radclyffe. Being a retired surgeon and a seasoned author of around 60 novels, she’s got the upper hand on everyone else. Whichever book the reader picks, they can be assured that they’ll find the perfect balance between hospital action and romantic chemistry. ‘Love on the Night Shift’ is no exception.

Blaise Richelieu is not interested in dating. As the chief nurse of the ER night shift at the Rivers Hospital and a single mother of a teenage daughter, she’s got enough on her plate. But when the new attending surgeon Grady McClure starts to flirt with her, she keeps her barriers high and her secrets buried. Despite that, Grady is more determined to break down her walls and win Blaise’s heart.

‘Love on the Night Shift’ is book 5 of ‘A Rivers Community Romance’ series and another solid lesbian medical romance book by Radclyffe. Even though it’s part of a series, it can be read as a standalone romance though there are a few secondary stories that pick up from the previous books. As it is the case with many of Radclyffe’s series, Rivers is a community with more lesbian couples than usual. Additionally, there is a trans character and a YA story that has been developing throughout the whole series. So, in order to get the most of the story, I recommend you start with book 1 ‘Against Doctor’s Orders’.

This novel has the perfect balance between action medical scenes and romance. Blaise and Grady have good chemistry together though for me it wasn’t off the charts. There is an intrigue part in the form of Blaise’s old secret but if the reader pays minimal attention is easy to predict. However, the unveiling of the secret itself was a powerful scene that makes up for the author’s obvious hints and one of the characters’ oversight.

Overall, another enjoyable medical romance by Radclyffe that is not gonna disappoint her fans. 4 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian medical romance booklesbian medical romance book

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