Who doesn't like lesbian military audiobooks?

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lesbian military audiobooks

Who doesn’t like lesbian military audiobooks?

Review of ‘Blades of Bluegrass’ by D. Jackson Leigh, audiobook narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Who doesn’t like lesbian military audiobooks? Normally these stories portray some of the best qualities in women: courage, strength, and patriotism. Besides, women in uniform are hot and these leads embody sex appeal.


Captain Britt Story lost her left arm in Afghanistan and her faith in honor and humanity after failing to protect a soldier under her command. Occupational therapist First Lieutenant Teddy Alexander was in the spotlight after she successfully petitioned to receive survivor’s benefits after her wife was killed in Afghanistan days before DOMA was repealed. When Teddy is assigned to help Britt to recover from her injury, a strong attraction pulls them together. But Britt’s soul is wounded and Teddy is still bound to the woman she lost 6 years ago…

‘Blades of Bluegrass’ is more than a wlw military romance, it’s a social critique to the defense institutions and political powers who still allow inequality and injustice in the military ranks. And it’s an homage to all those women who, despite those inequalities, choose to serve their country. It’s also a love letter to the craft of horse breeding and to the beauty and strength of those animals. The book deals with a mixture of different issues but keeps a good balance between them, but it’s hardly an easy read as it deals with disability, PTSD, bereavement, rape, and sexual harassment.

I’m a pacifist at heart and I’m not a fan of the military in real life but, reading about badass women fighting for ideals and principles? Yes, please. Britt and Teddy are different in many ways but they are both courageous and determined to help others. As they get entangled in a web of deception and political corruption, both women will have to be brave to confront them and not lose their chance at love in the process.

I’ve listened to the audiobook read by Hollis Elizabeth who did a very good job. Her narrative tone was perfect for the book as well as her distinctive voices. This novel requires the expression of a range of different emotions, all performed with easy by Ms. Elizabeth. I had only listened to her audiobook of ‘Snow Globe’ by Georgia Beers, but I’ll definitely listen to more of her performances. 4.5 stars.

Length: 8 hrs and 34 mins

lesbian military audiobookslesbian military audiobooks

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