An interesting lesbian modern noir book
lesbian modern noir book

An interesting lesbian modern noir book

Review of ‘Honey’ by Brenda Brooks

This was an interesting read. I’m not sure if I’m crazy about the style or story choices but it was different from the books I normally read so I appreciate that. This category is called modern noir. That is a new category for me so I’m guessing that yes this book fits it.


The one type of lesfic this does fit is best friends to lovers, but don’t read this for a heartwarming romance. This was a little darker and more depressing than I expected. A few reviewers said reading this is like watching a train wreck and that really is the best way possible to describe this. I found it almost physically hard to read parts because everything was going so downhill. On the good side, the last quarter of the book was entertaining. Everything came to a head and you can’t look away. The beginning to me was tough with all the time jumps. The middle was a little better but it dragged a bit for me. The end is where the book shined and I thought it was the best-written part of the book too.

My biggest struggle was when it came to the characters. One main you don’t know if you are supposed to love or hate and the other is way too much of a pushover for my tastes. The way both characters acted was needed to write this kind of book so I do understand them being that way. It’s just that as such a character-driven reader, not caring for either woman was personally hard on my enjoyment.

This is a tough one to recommend or not. I think it comes down to me not being able to personally recommend it but I would not tell people to stay away either. It has a different feel and style to it that it is hard for me to be able to guess what other readers will think of it. If you want to try reading about a train wreck with some twists and turns, this may be the book for you.

An ARC was given to me by ECW Press for an honest review. I also want to thank them for quickly fixing the download issue with my ARC copy.

lesbian modern noir booklesbian modern noir book

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