A very solid entertaining lesbian music romance book

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lesbian music romance book

A very solid entertaining lesbian music romance book

Review of ‘Face the Music’ by Ali Vali

I’m a fan of Ali Vali’s romance reads and this one was no exception. I was so interested in reading it because I love music romance books. ‘Face the Music’ is original because the main character is not actually the star but rather the daughter of a star, living in her mother’s shadow.


Music producer Mason Liner is reluctant to take on new client Sophie Roddy, a problem diva whose excessive lifestyle almost ruined her career. Victoria Roddy is Sophie’s daughter and assistant. She has lived in her mother’s shadow for as long as she can remember. Now she’ll have to liaise with aggravating Mason to turn her mother’s career around. It’s a pity that they cannot stand each other but also cannot deny a growing attraction.

For personal reasons, I enjoyed and found fascinating the twist of mother/daughter dynamics. The supporting characters were interesting as well and added to my reading enjoyment (Mason’s parents were adorable).

People read books for different reasons, some to escape reality, others look for deep reads to make them question things in general. I personally read for enjoyment, so this book was spot on as it’s pure entertainment with two likable strong characters. I always say that liking the main characters in a book would make it or break it for me. So imagine if you like both… a lot! I think a romance can’t ever be a real romance without two characters that you root for… so from beginning to start, I was supporting these two, especially considering that it wasn’t a smooth start for them.

I recommend this book if you’re stuck in quarantine or curfew, like me, and want to relax and enjoy an interesting storyline, and for bonus points, very good steamy sex scenes with incredible chemistry. This was a very solid entertaining lesbian music romance book.  4 stars.

I received an ARC for an honest review.

lesbian music romance booklesbian music romance book

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