A superb lesbian mystery thriller book with ghosts

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lesbian mystery thriller book

A superb lesbian mystery thriller book with ghosts

Review of ‘Gillette Park’ by Gerri Hill

I don’t read stories with ghosts. I’m a wimp so I avoid those types of books at all costs. Gerri Hill’s name was enough to pick up this book, that, and the fact that Bella Books classifies this novel as a mystery/thriller and doesn’t mention ghosts in the book blurb. If I’d known that part of ‘Gillette Park’ featured apparitions of dead people I wouldn’t have read it. But without proper warning, I’ve started reading it and then I couldn’t put it down. I’m happy that I did because this is a fantastic book.


Gillette Park is a small town in the Rocky Mountains haunted by a serial killer for more than 20 years. Mason Cooper is a sheriff’s deputy who’s been struggling to solve the crimes. When her uncle, the sheriff, decides to call a psychic for help, Mason is less than convinced that it’s a good idea. After she meets Dr. Grace Jennings, an attractive woman with an inexplicable gift, Mason will start to doubt everything she believed in. As both women come closer to the truth and deal with their mutual attraction, they’ll have to trust each other to fight an evil force.

Gerri Hill is an accomplished author of dozens of lesbian books in romance, mystery and paranormal genres. I’ve read most of them and even though I like her romances, I think she excels at writing mysteries. In this genre, she tends to combine beautiful nature descriptions, great romance chemistry, and a page-turner mystery. ‘Gillette Park’ has all of these ingredients which makes it such an amazing and entertaining read.

What I love about Ms. Hill’s mysteries is that she doesn’t disregard the romance in order to move the mystery forward, she always finds the perfect balance. Maybe it’s because the author can write really endearing characters and get them together in a way that they just cannot help falling for each other. Both main characters show their strengths and shortcomings which make them human and realistic. Grace’s vulnerability and Mason’s compassion is a pleasure to read about and those attributes make them perfect together.

Regarding the mystery itself, it’s well written and keeps the reader guessing until almost the end. Even though there were a few frightening parts, it’s nothing that a wimp like me couldn’t handle so don’t let this put you off. And the ghosts? Well, most of them weren’t that scary after all.

Overall, a superb lesbian mystery thriller book that will keep the reader turning pages. 5 stars.

lesbian mystery thriller booklesbian mystery thriller book

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