This lesbian neighbors romance audiobook is totally worth it.

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lesbian neighbors romance audiobook

This lesbian neighbors romance audiobook is totally worth it.

Review of ‘Totally Worth It’ by Maggie Cummings, Audiobook narrated by AJ Ferraro

This is book one of the ‘Bay West Social’ series by this author and her debut work which follows a group of friends living in a lesbian property development in Staten Island, NY. When Meg McTiernan moves in the neighbourhood she realises that her almost non-existent social life is about to change. Her new friend Lexi Russo is a law student doing an internship in the firm of her sexy neighbour Jesse Ducane. Together, Meg and Lexi will have new adventures and maybe find true love.


I really enjoyed this novel by Maggie Cummings, especially because it doesn’t have the usual shortcomings of a debut book. I like the fact that the author chooses to tell the story through Meg and keeps the arc of her romantic interests through the series. In this book, it’s the turn of her new friend Lexi to navigate the hardships of falling in love with her boss who incidentally is 12 years older.

The author does a great job of building different relationships, not only between the main couple but also between family and friends. Ms. Cummings takes her time to build a varied network of relationships with attention to detail to every character. There’s even space for a very interesting legal subplot. Regarding the main leads, their age-gap, workplace romance chemistry is well done and the sex scenes very hot. I know that Ms. Cummings is now an established author but I’m surprised by the quality of her debut.

This is the first time I’ve listened to AJ Ferraro, which is surprising as she has narrated quite a few lesfic audiobooks, especially from Bold Strokes Books. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by her different voices, her performance of emotions, and her excellent pace. I’ll definitely try another audiobook narrated by her. Unfortunately, the other two books in the series aren’t available on audio. This lesbian neighbors romance audiobook is totally worth it. Overall, 4.5 stars.

Duration: 7 hours, 55 minutes

lesbian neighbors romance audiobooklesbian neighbors romance audiobook

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