A good lesbian no-strings romance audiobook

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lesbian no-strings romance audiobook

A good lesbian no-strings romance audiobook

Review of ‘The Midnight Moon’ by Gerri Hill,

Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

Peyton Watts and Logan Weaver shared a passionate holiday romance in a beach resort. They both go back to their lives without exchanging surnames or places of residence. Peyton is an accountant with a conservative social circle and a pesky lawyer as a suitor. Logan works in her father’s painting business and likes dating college students. But when their paths cross again back home in Austin the holiday fling could turn into something more serious…


I have to admit, this is not one of my favourite books by Gerri Hill. Even though it’s good enough, I have a higher bar to judge this author’s novels because I know how well she can write. The characteristic elements of her style are present, such as the sizzling chemistry between the mains and the beautiful depictions of the natural settings. Ms. Hill makes the most of them both but, in my opinion, falls short on the development and resolution of the plot conflict.

This story seems to have two parts, one when the leads are on holiday and the other when they are back home. I found the first part more enjoyable than the rest. I’m not convinced by the plot twists and development of their relationship after the characters’ reunion. Their personalities seemed to reverse. While Peyton was supposed to be the mature and responsible one, she doesn’t act the part once she’s back home and Logan shows a maturity that was out of character up to that point. Peyton’s relationship with Margot, a lawyer she’s been dating on and off, seemed a bit dragged just for the sake of the conflict itself.

I’ve read the book a few years ago and I remember having the same issues than with the audio version. However, the audiobook is much better. I’ve mentioned this before but whoever had chosen Abby Craden to narrate Ms. Hill’s books should get an award. Ms. Craden adds a layer of storytelling to the novel making it more enjoyable and entertaining. As usual, Ms. Craden delivers with the characters’ voices, the narration tone and the performance of the feelings. She makes it really sound as if the story is unfolding before your mind’s eye.

Overall, a good lesbian no-strings romance audiobook. 3.5 story, 4.5 narration. 4 stars.

Duration: 6 hrs and 8 mins.

lesbian no-strings romance audiobooklesbian no-strings romance audiobook

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