A very good lesbian no-strings romance audiobook

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lesbian no-strings romance audiobook

A very good lesbian no-strings romance audiobook

Review of ’No strings’ by Gerri Hill,

Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

After an indiscretion gone very wrong, police chief Reese Daniels is transferred for a year to sleepy Lake City, Colorado. She’s determined to go through that year and then back to her old position. Forest Ranger M. Z. Morgan is the only lesbian in town, that is until Reese arrives with her good looks and broody personality. Eventually, both women start a friendship until Reese suggests a no-strings relationship. As the winter goes by, their intense chemistry on and off the bed is hard to deny but their connection is only temporary, isn’t it?


This is another good short-ish novel by Gerri Hill written in 2009 which has been recently released in audiobook format. Here Ms. Hill combines her usual love for nature and romance with the dynamics of a small town. For me, the best part of this story is the chemistry between the mains built with clever dialogues and situations. Ms. Hill knows how to turn the temperature up in her novels from the time Reese and Morgan meet until they finally act on their attraction. The sex scenes are well written as it’s customary with this author.

This is a small town romance and there are a number of important secondary characters who, as in any little place, tend to meddle in everyone else’s affairs. Ms. Hill did great in creating each one of them with their distinctive temperaments, background stories and personality traits. Somehow they all manage to bring Reese and Morgan together and form a tight community. Considering that this romance involves a police officer and a forest ranger there is little excitement in the action department but it’s obviously not the purpose of this novel, nothing in the cover or blurb suggests that.

I’ve read this book a long time ago and thought it was just ok, but when I saw that the audiobook was narrated by Abby Craden, I decided to give it a listen. I’m happy to say that this is another story that Ms. Craden has improved with her heartfelt interpretation. this book is hard to narrate due to the number of different characters but Ms. Craden did an excellent job. As usual, the main leads have recognisable voices and her interpretation of the range of different emotions is spot-on. With a duration of 5 hours and 42 minutes, this is a short listen but it’s available for free with a Scribd subscription.

Overall, a very good lesbian no-strings romance audiobook. 4 stars for the story, 5 stars for the narration. 4.5 stars.

lesbian no-strings romance audiobooklesbian no-strings romance audiobook

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