An okay lesbian novel chock-full of surprises

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lesbian novel

An okay lesbian novel chock-full of surprises

Review of ‘Country Living’ by Jen Silver

At sixty, Peri is finally making a reality of her dream of living in the countryside. Her cottage is lovely, her new neighbours are helpful and welcoming, her wifi is top-notch and allows her to work from home… All that’s missing is her wife by her side, but that’s only a matter of months. Or at least, that’s what Peri thinks, whereas, unbeknownst to her, Karla is having a steamy affair with socialite Syd.


Nothing is what it seems in this lesbian novel. Plot twists abound, and what looked like a nice little story about moving to the English countryside turns into a mix of scorchingly hot erotica, drug-fueled action, coming of age and coming out and sweet kittens. There are a lot of secondary characters, with just enough substance to them to not feel superficial, and the style is agile and effective.

While there’s a lot to like in this novel, it didn’t touch me as much as I would have liked, and I’ve been struggling about what to write in my review. I don’t have much to say, either bad or good, so I’ll keep it short. I need more feelings and emotions in my reads, I did, however, enjoy reading this. Though it may not be my kind of book, it could very well be yours. 3.5 stars.

lesbian novellesbian novel

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