A very sweet lesbian paranormal Christmas audiobook
lesbian paranormal Christmas audiobook

A very sweet lesbian paranormal Christmas audiobook

Review of ‘The Christmas wolf’ by Bridget Essex,

Audiobook narrated by Tiana Hanson

Kat is a sales attendant in a shopping mall who is struggling to make the ends meet. Tired of a basic diet of ramen, she decides to look for a roommate but the search is probing difficult as potential roommates are scared of her apartment full of Christmas decorations, even off the holiday season. When Jewel contacts Kat to rent her room, things start to look better. Jewel is friendly, considerate and downright gorgeous. To top that, they seem to have off the charts chemistry. There is only one slight problem… Jewel is a werewolf.


This is my first read/listen by Bridget Essex, she is an accomplished author but has gone out of my radar as she mostly writes paranormal. So, for my 12 Lesbian Audiobooks of Christmas Challenge, I’ve decided to listen to this lesbian Christmas werewolf story. If you are like me, not too bothered on the paranormal but a romance fan, then this story is worth a try. Besides, it’s a novella, so the audiobook duration is just under 2 hours.

The book is written in first person from the point of view of Kat which gives an air of mystery around Jewel that fits perfectly in the story. Ms. Essex knows how to craft the characters’ personalities and build up their chemistry up to hot levels. I particularly enjoyed the first part of the story when both mains get to know each other, the rest is an enjoyable tale about the Christmas spirit of tolerance, joy, and celebration.

This is my first experience not only with the author but also the narrator. I’m happy to say that I found Tiana Hanson’s performance very enjoyable. For once, her light tone and her varying pace are a good match for the story. Apart from that, a good point in this audiobook is Ms. Hanson’s choice of voices for the main characters which is very relevant to the plot, as the author describes Jewel’s voice like ‘liquid sex’ opposed to Kat’s cheery tone. While Ms. Hanson doesn’t make Jewel as sexy as Angela Dawe’s take on Elena Bartell in ‘The brutal truth‘, Jewel sounds alluring enough.

Unfortunately, it is not available on Audible Escape or Scribd but it’s cheaper than a longer audiobook. So if you looking for a short, festive, and romantic listen, then you might want to give this one a go.

Overall, a very sweet lesbian paranormal Christmas audiobook. 4 stars.

lesbian paranormal Christmas audiobooklesbian paranormal Christmas audiobook    lesbian paranormal Christmas audiobooklesbian paranormal Christmas audiobook

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