Another lesbian paranormal story winner by Greene

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lesbian paranormal story

Another lesbian paranormal story winner by Greene

'Legacy' is another lesbian paranormal story winner by Greene. I had a lot of fun with this book and was extremely entertained.

Review of ‘Legacy’ by Charlotte Greene

This was another lesbian paranormal story winner by Greene. I have to be honest that I was never big on Greene’s earlier work, her romances. Since then she has changed it up and her last two books have been paranormal reads. Both were outstanding and it’s like she’s a new author now, one that I can’t wait to read.


This was a little different than her last book ‘Gnarled Hollow‘. I would put ‘Gnarled Hollow’ in the horror-paranormal category and I gave it 5 stars for scaring the pants off of me at times. This was more creepy-paranormal. I was never scared like in ‘Gnarled Hollow’, but all of the creepy paranormal parts were exciting and entertaining. I actually think this was slightly better written and more of a balanced story than Gnarled was. Gnarled was mostly horror with teeny tiny romance elements. Whereas this book had a better balance of creepy, romance and even some mystery. While my rating is higher on Gnarled for its scare factor, I would not be surprised if more people overall enjoy this book over Gnarled.

The basis of this story is about two cousins, and their friends, who are helping to clean up an old family cabin that was neglected for a few years. The cabin is in Colorado surrounded by state parklands. I’m not going to mention anymore because I don’t want to spoiler any of the creepiness. I do want to mention that I really enjoyed the cast of characters. The main character is Jo who is a cousin to Carter. The two of them look like identical twins. Carter has a wife and they also invited some mutual friends with them. And last but not least, we have who I would consider the other main character Andy, who is a Park Ranger.

Considering it’s a decent size cast of characters, I was impressed by how well done they all were. Everyone had their own uniqueness and I liked all of the characters. I also want to mention that Carter’s wife was deaf. This was the second book this month I have read where the author uses italics to interpret the ASL. What makes me a little mad is I can’t remember, before this month, the last time a book I read had a deaf character. That means way too long! Anyway, it was nice to see in this book and I hope this just becomes more of the norm so I don’t have to even mention it.

One of the things I was talking about above was that I was glad to see that the romance got a decent amount of time in this book. The romance is not insta-love but it was pretty fast-moving. I personally am a slow burn kind of girl but I must admit that I had no issues with the faster pace in this book. With all the danger and excitement going on, it was nice to have two people falling for each other. There is talk about sex and few slightly explicit sex scenes, but it was more PG-13 mostly fade to black kind. Again, I thought this felt appropriate for the type of book this was.

I had a lot of fun with this book and was extremely entertained. It wasn’t really scary, but it was plenty creepy and kept me on my toes. I think this would be the perfect book to read around Halloween. Greene is filling a hole writing these scary and creepy paranormal lesfic books that we don’t have much of. I hope she has more hair-raising ideas in that head of hers because I would love to read more. 4.50 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian paranormal storylesbian paranormal story

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