An enjoyable lesbian rom-com audiobook
lesbian rom-com audiobook

An enjoyable lesbian rom-com audiobook

Review of ‘London, actually’ by Clare Lydon,

Audiobook narrated by Lucy Price-Lewis

Event planner Cleo Nightingale is 39 and recovering from a divorce two years ago. Her only rule for dating again is to avoid younger women. Becca Cramer is 23, exactly what Cleo doesn’t need. But she’s also gorgeous, mature and hard-working, a combination difficult to resist. Will they have their happily ever after?


Clare Lydon’s novels are the epitome of lesbian rom-coms, full of romance, hot chemistry and feel-good moments. Her books are funny, witty and quintessentially British, but not overwhelmingly so. The plots are tightly woven, the characters are well rounded and the dialogues are humorous and engaging. ‘London, actually’ is no exception. As is often the case with Ms. Lydon’s books, the readers just have to sit comfortably and enjoy the read. Or, in this case, enjoy the narration.

This is book five in the ‘London Romance’ series and can be read as a standalone novel. ‘London, actually’ is a lesbian rom-com audiobook with the stunning setting of London which the author describes beautifully. Even the weather is realistic. Both characters are very well portrayed and convincing. Becca seems quite mature for her age but, as the youngest of five siblings, is a credible trait. On the other hand, 39-year-old Cleo comes with baggage, though her resistance to younger women is justified.

Their chemistry together is hot from the beginning and increases several notches as the story moves forward. Some of the scenes of Cleo and Becca together are incredibly cinematographic in the descriptions and, at the same time, intimate and evocative. My favorite is the scene at the Boston hotel bar drinking vodka-martinis with blue cheese olives. It will stay in my memory for a long time.

The secondary characters bring the whole story to life, specially Cleo’s best friend, and very pregnant, Heidi and Tracey, Becca’s pansexual flatmate. Some of the couples from the previous books in the series appear in this one but there aren’t any major spoilers so there’s no need to read the series chronologically.

I’ve read the book a year ago and now decided to listen to the audiobook narrated by Lucy Price-Lewis. The audiobook is not included in Audible Escape but it’s free with a Scribd subscription. Ms. Price-Lewis did a great job with the narration, providing an authentic British feel. Her voices are distinctive and she perfectly sets the light tone of a romantic-comedy that Ms. Lydon is well-known for. The result is very entertaining and enjoyable.

Overall, a funny, hot and feel-good romance. Clare Lydon at her best. 5 stars for both the story and the narration.

lesbian rom-com audiobooklesbian rom-com audiobook      lesbian rom-com audiobooklesbian rom-com audiobook


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