A very sweet lesbian romance audiobook celebrating life

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lesbian romance audiobook

A very sweet lesbian romance audiobook celebrating life

Review of ‘Living’ by Lise Gold,

Audiobook narrated by TJ Richards

Cam Saunders is a yoga instructor who saves a woman attempting to commit suicide by walking into the sea. The woman in question is famous actress Ella Temperley who is suffering from deep depression after the death of her twin sister. Six months later and after working hard to recover, Ella goes back to meet Cam. The women become closer but, what happens when their friendship eventually turns into attraction?


It’s funny how you can get the wrong idea about a book based on your own perceptions of the cover and blurb. Even though I heard great things about this novel, I refused to read/listen to it because when I saw the suicide attempt theme I thought it was going to be a drama. I have to thank my friend and reviewer Jude from Jude in the Stars blog, for recommending it and assuring me that the drama was limited to a couple of chapters. She is right, this story is more a celebration of life than a depressing take on human suffering. It’s about finding love and hope in the strangest places.

I had only previously listened to one novella by this author, ‘Northern lights’, which was short and Christmas themed. Ms. Gold is a really good writer, photographic in her descriptions, natural-sounding in her dialogues, with well-written characters, and sizzling chemistry. This novel is very emotional but not melodramatic which is something I always appreciate. It’s good to read her insights about bereavement, coming-out, love and life.

The audiobook version is narrated by TJ Richards who did a fantastic job. I’ve previously listened to her narration of Clare Lydon’s ‘Twice in a lifetime’ which I also loved. Her interpretation of the different voices, especially in the main characters, is spot on. Ms. Richards is equally good in the emotional parts of the story as in the lighter, humorous ones. Even though she has narrated quite a few lesbian audiobooks, I think this narrator is a dark horse for the genre and one normally overlooked.

Not available on Scribd or Audible Escape but at 10 hours 31 minutes length it’s good value for your money.

Overall, a very sweet lesbian romance audiobook celebrating life. 5 stars.

lesbian romance audiobooklesbian romance audiobook

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