An ok lesbian romance audiobook with the beautiful natural setting

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lesbian romance audiobook

An ok lesbian romance audiobook with the beautiful natural setting

Review of ‘Unsung Love Song’ by Marian Snowe,

Audiobook narrated by Tessa Stavers

This is my first book/audiobook by Marian Snowe and I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of her work until a co-reviewer recommended this book to me. As I enjoyed Tessa Stavers’s narration of ‘The Good Girl’ by Madeleine Taylor, I decided to give it a go. The main premise is interesting and original but I’m on the fence about the execution.


Botanist and poet Celia Orne moves to Florida in order to search for a legendary plant she’s always hoped was real. There she meets Gem Raglan, a carefree kayak tour operator and they both feel an instant attraction. Behind her friendly and flirtatious attitude, Gem is hiding something about her past that is coming to get her. Will Celia be able to help Gem confront her issues, explore the potential of their budding relationship and find the mythical plant?

This is an ok lesbian romance audiobook with the beautiful natural setting of the state of Florida. I liked the main premise of the book, the search for an elusive plant which was documented in chronicles of the first Spanish settlers in Florida but was never found. The plant is known as the ‘balm of all’, a cure for all human diseases. Celia is interested in finding it for personal reasons very close to her heart. For the researcher in me, I enjoyed the detailed investigation and clue gathering by Celia. It was a great way to also depict the beautiful landscapes of Florida and the unpredictability of the forces of nature. In my opinion, this was the highlight of the book.

Having said that, the romance was ok but on the predictable side, the connection between the main characters was fine but not off the charts. Still, that part of the plot was enjoyable enough. However, the ‘villain’ storyline sounded contrived and unrealistic, just a plot device to create conflict and move the story forward. I wasn’t convinced and, for me, it didn’t make much sense either in its development nor in its resolution.

Tessa Stavers did a very good job narrating the story, her voices were distinctive and her performance of the feelings was very good. It’s not a very demanding book to narrate but she did nevertheless a good job. Length: 7 hrs and 16 mins. Overall: 3.5 stars

lesbian romance audiobooklesbian romance audiobook

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