A sweet lesbian romance book by TB Markinson
sweet lesbian romance book by TB Markinson

A sweet lesbian romance book by TB Markinson

Review of ‘Kismet’ by TB Markinson

‘Kismet’ is a sweet lesbian romance book by TB Markinson that starts with a bang on Christmas Eve when Dagny is happily waiting for her boyfriend to pop the question, but he unceremoniously dumps her during a vacation in London. Although hurt and frustrated that she had not seen this coming, she decides to visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park anyway, better than brooding alone in her hotel room. Here she meets Allison, an American journalist currently stationed in London.


What I like about this story is that we see characters from previous books like Allison from the novella ‘The Setup’ and JJ Cavendish, the miracle girl from the book of the same name. Both main characters are likable and have their quirks and flaws. Their love story is sweet but happens a bit fast. I had some trouble with Dagny at the beginning until she finally starts to fight back and stand up for herself. I connected with Allison right away, maybe because I also work in the newspaper business, she is the ever-curious and interested investigative journalist who puts her job first and in her line of work, for security reasons, it’s important that she doesn’t disclose anything until the story is done and published.

The romance is a little too fast for my taste but in itself a nice love-story. The chemistry is there and soon you are rooting for them as a couple. Allison needs to trust herself that she is worth to be loved and Dagny has to learn to stay on her own feet after being way too long in a toxic relationship.

What I didn’t like so much was that Dagny mentioned too often that she was an orphan, it came across a bit whiny. She lost her parents tragically, in a way I can’t even imagine how I would feel about, but I would have been interested in what really happened back then. The story might not have been as fluffy, but it would have been more interesting and would have gained more depth.

The fact that Allison’s secret investigation is often talked about and she has a decisive influence in the story but is not resolved at the end disappointed me a bit. I would have really liked to know what kind of viper’s nest she had stirred up.

Overall, ‘Kismet’ is a light and sweet love story, without a lot of drama. A good way to start the reading year. I love TB’s writing style very much, always peppered with a bit of humor and written fluently. I enjoyed very much everything I’ve read so far by this author.

My rating 3.5 stars.

Many thanks to the author for receiving an ARC for an honest review.

lesbian romance book by TB Markinsonlesbian romance book by TB Markinson

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