Beautiful lesbian romance book with a touch of Maori culture
lesbian romance book

Beautiful lesbian romance book with a touch of Maori culture

Review of ‘A convenient deception’ by W. A. Cooper

W.A. Cooper is another new author for me and it’s a good discovery, this is her second novel and the first one of her ‘Betrayal’ series. I very much liked Cooper’s writing style and the story. As a New Zealander, she knows much about the Maori culture, which she weaves beautifully into the story.


This lesbian romance book takes place in England, near London, and is a very nice slow-burn romance with interesting and strong characters. The romance is beautifully written from the POV of both women and we are witnessing the feelings, doubts, deception, anger, and love from both of them. The beginning is a little slow, but after about twenty pages it gets better and better.

As Alana is a native Maori from New Zealand, we learn some pieces of the Maori culture, which is very entertaining and interesting. She’s a very temperamental woman and sometimes a little quick-tempered. Together with her brother Leon, she produces Maori dance shows and they are also the lead dancers. Brear is a reticent artist who’s looking for a new orientation of her art. After her father’s death, she has to fight with guilt about her last discussion and an artist’s block. As she met Alana and got to know her better, it seems she has found her new muse.

Braer and Ariana have great chemistry and are strong-willed women. But deception and hurt have the ability to destroy a wonderful relationship they have started to build. Will they be able to jump across their shadow and forgive, to be with the woman they love? The secondary characters bring depth to the story and are very well developed too. The love scenes are beautiful, hot and emotional. And I loved Rex (German shepherd dog) and Nero the cat.

Recommended to all romance lovers. I’m looking forward to the next one in this series. My rating 4.5 stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian romance booklesbian romance book

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