An ok lesbian romance book with great flying scenes

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lesbian romance book

An ok lesbian romance book with great flying scenes

Review of ‘Flight to the Horizon’ by Julie Tizard

I thought this lesbian romance book was okay. There were parts I really enjoyed, others not so much. I think Tizard tried to pack too much instead of sticking to just one or two things and nailing them. I have to say that I enjoyed her debut book, ‘The Road to Wings’, more than this one. She’s still on my radar as an author because what she does well she does really well, I just hope her next book will feel more complete.


This is a story about Captain Kerri, a passenger airplane pilot, and Janine, a single mom who recently became a flight attendant. There is some instant attraction but Janine doesn’t trust her feelings for Kerri. Can these two have a chance at a future or will outside forces get in their way?

I had trouble with the romance. While there was a little chemistry at first, Janine gives very clear signals that she is not interested. And the whole time we think Janine is not interested in Kerri for one reason… and then out of the blue, it’s another reason altogether and it did not seem to fit with the rest of the book. It felt like Tizard had two ideas but could not pick just one, so she stuffed them together. Unfortunately, after this occurred, I lost interest in the romance plot which also turned pretty insta-love on top of everything else.

I also felt the character development was lacking some. The surprise about Janine, that came out of nowhere, felt forced and dampened too much her identity. You need a much longer book or a novel on a different subject to tackle a character with this kind of history. It was even worse with Kerri since I didn’t know anything about her besides that she was a good Captain and loved to fly. Some people accused her of being a player, others acted as she walked on water.

On the good side, the plane and the flying scenes were really good parts of this book. Tizard knows her stuff. Even when I didn’t understand what every button meant or every switch did, I was completely engrossed in the flying scenes. They were extremely exciting and good entertainment. From the 30% mark until the 60% mark, this book is great. I could not stop reading for a second, I was completely enthralled. This part was just so good that I just wish the rest of the book held up to it in comparison.

While I’m only giving this a slightly above average score and I clearly had issues with this book, I would still recommend it to most lesfic fans. One-third of the book is so good that I think even with the other issues, the book is still worth the read. If Tizard could just turn that 30% into 100% she would have a huge hit on her hands. She has a lot of potential for sure. 3.25 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian romance booklesbian romance book

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