A light, sweet and funny lesbian romance book
lesbian romance book

A light, sweet and funny lesbian romance book

Review of ‘Accidental Honeymoon’ by Miranda MacLeod

Monica, the event planner and Instagram influencer with 1 million followers would have never dreamed of falling in love with Ray the craftswoman. It took some time to get there, but their journey is very entertaining. Fake relationship and enemies to lovers all in one, Miranda MacLeod created wonderfully stubborn, loving, insecure, and sympathetic characters. I loved the dialogues, the humor, the banter, and also the women’s willingness to try new things, and ultimately follow their hearts.


I liked how two strangers who barely know each other, but have a lot of prejudices and can’t stand each other to death, are forced to work together by unconventional circumstances. It’s hardly a problem to pretend to be a loving couple to strangers, but when it’s your own mother you have to convince, it gets difficult. During this time they learn to really see each other, to get closer, and to appreciate the work the other one does. The feelings change, the attraction grows, but admitting to yourself that there is more is difficult when you think you are the only one with strong feelings.

I’m pretty happy not to have married into a Greek family, since it’s obviously not possible to have a small wedding ceremony, let alone be able to pronounce their names. Ray’s Panty-topless was the best and hilarious way to name her. I loved everything about the winery, the farmer’s market, and the community and how everyone can help and positively impact each other. I would love to live in that community.

A light and entertaining story about family and belonging, grabbing opportunities, working hard, and daring to risk your heart. As my brain is occupied with worry for my mother’s health and I’m very busy at work, this sweet and funny romance, with only a little bit of drama, was exactly the perfect book for me.

My rating 4.25 stars
Thanks to the author for receiving an ARC for an honest review.

lesbian romance booklesbian romance book

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