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lesbian romance book

A proper lesbian romance book

Review of ‘A proper cuppa tea’ by K.G. MacGregor

This was a really enjoyable romance! I’m a fan of MacGregor; I have enjoyed all of her books except for the one she wrote before this. I’m so happy that ‘Moment of weakness‘ was just a fluke and she is back to the MacGregor we all know and enjoy. I think lesfic romance fans are going to be happy with this book.


Channing and Lark meet on a plane ride to England. Channing is upset over her Grandfather’s death, and the end of a long term affair with her married boss. Lark can’t help being attracted to Channing even if she is in an awful mood. When they part ways Lark regrets not getting her number. When the stars align and these two meet up again, Lark hopes this may be the chance to finally date Channing. Is there a chance at a relationship or are they destined to be only friends?

I thought the writing was really well done in this book. I instantly found myself hooked into the story. I would put this in the traditional romance category, which sometimes can bore me, but I didn’t want to put the book down. Not only were the characters likeable, but their jobs and life were interesting. I found myself really caring about what would happen next.

Lark is a doctor whose job is to oversee drug trials. I never thought this would be an interesting job, but it really was. There is a tiny mystery about why three patients got sick on their normally safe medicine. It is up to Lark to find out why. This baby mystery was really interesting and helped to keep me flipping the pages.

I had only one real complaint. While I did like Channing, I didn’t like that at times she could be a bit of a pushover. Part of this story is her dealing with her boss and ex-girlfriend. I really was waiting to see Channing stand up for herself, but that never happened. This didn’t stop me from really enjoying the book but it did stop me from rating this more than 4 stars.

Overall, this was an enjoyable lesbian romance book that was very easy to read. In my opinion, this was a classic MacGregor. I definitely recommend this to romance fans and I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.

An ARC was given to me by Bella for an honest review.

lesbian romance booklesbian romance book

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