A perfect ending to an excellent lesbian romance book series

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lesbian romance book series

A perfect ending to an excellent lesbian romance book series

Review of ‘Northern Vows’ by Lise Gold

I feel like I have been waiting for this book for so long! While I enjoyed getting to know Kristine’s best friend (‘Eastern Nights’) and Hannah’s sister (‘Western Shores’), I couldn’t wait to get more of Kristine and Hannah themselves. Not only are they my favourite couple in the series, but they’re also one of my favourite lesfic couples ever. A perfect ending to an excellent lesbian romance book series.


‘Northern Vows’ is the fifth and final book in the Compass series. To be honest, on its own I’d probably rate it 4* but to me, the series is 5* and as this is the ideal end to it, I’m giving it these 5*. ‘Northern Vows’ takes us back to Norway, where it all began. Hannah and Kristine are getting married in the south of the country, on Midsummer’s Eve, which is very different than the north in winter, where they met. The book takes place over a week, from when the couple arrives at the resort to the day after the wedding when everyone goes back to their life. Then the epilogue, a few months later, like the perfect finishing touch.

With this book, Hannah and Kristine get the wedding they deserved. And of course, it was impossible to read about it without thinking about my own wedding to the love of my life, even though everything was different. So yeah, it made me emotional, in the best way.

It felt fantastic to spend time with most of the characters in the series again and to get a glimpse of what happened to them since the last time Lise Gold wrote about them. It was nice to be able to say goodbye. It made me a little nostalgic as well so, even though I don’t often take the time to reread books (there are so many great books coming out all the time!), I went straight back to ‘Northern Lights’, when Hannah and Kristine met. And guess what? It’s still just as lovely as it was the first time. As much as I hate to say goodbye to these people, Lise Gold made it easier with this gentle, funny, and very tender (and sexy, let’s not forget how sexy these books are) farewell.

lesbian romance book serieslesbian romance book series

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