A nice romance between a movie star and a writer

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lesbian romance novels

A nice romance between a movie star and a writer

Review of ‘Perspective’ by Monica McCallan

As this is a new author for me I didn’t have any expectations. ‘Perspective’ is a story about friendship, trust, family and what impact some events can have on a whole life.


Campbell St. Clair’s debut book is a bestseller and now it will be turned into a movie. When she discovered who is playing the lead role, her feelings are all over the place: anger, disappointment, joy, and nervousness for seeing Sloane Murphy again. Sloane was a great influence over her life back in college.

Sloane made a career as a movie star and can live her life without money problems, contrary to her upbringing. When she gets the chance to play the main role in the book adaption of a novel which helped to understand herself better, she grabs the chance. She doesn’t know that a classmate from college wrote the book.

Told from the point of view of both main characters, the reader has the possibility to get to know them both. Campbell is struggling with her second novel and trying to figure out her future, care for her little sister (don’t exactly know how old she is, but several years younger than Campbell) and the recent loss of their father.

Sloane is successful, but she has some secrets she isn’t quite prepared to share with anybody. And after meeting Campbell again, she has to come to terms with her sexuality and her coming out. Seeing Campbell again after years brings her fragile life balance upside down.

What I liked most was the interaction and the dialogues between the MCs, their banter, flirting, fighting and talking. We get to know what happened in college that had such a big influence on Campbell. Even when the attraction was there from the moment they met again, luckily, they didn’t jump into bed together at the first possibility. They took their time to get to know each other.

I liked the secondary characters of Val and Riley very much, they brought some perspective to the story and guided the MCs in the right direction, sometimes with a kick in the ass. They are both witty and help bring Sloane and Campbell back on track to happiness. But it is a jumpy road with some angst involved.

For me what took a bit of getting used to was that some of the scenes featured meticulous descriptions of details but left untold important events which were later narrated as flashbacks. It’s unusual and not my favorite style. Additionally, some events were a little bit predictable.

Overall, it is a nice romance on the predictable side and with a little bit of angst.
My rating 3.5 stars

Category: lesbian romance novels

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian romance novelslesbian romance novels

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