Another enjoyable lesbian romance by T.B. Markinson.

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lesbian romance

Another enjoyable lesbian romance by T.B. Markinson.

Review of ‘Reservations of the heart’ by T.B. Markinson

This novel is about two women who both have to deal with trust issues, Stella (41) a doctor whose ex-wife cheated on her, and Aurora (29) temporary scheduler at the medical school who has to deal with a major secret in her family. They feel mutual attraction from the beginning, getting stronger and stronger every time they meet but both are convinced they don’t want and don’t need a relationship, so they agree for a no-strings arrangement. Also, there is an age-gap but it isn’t really a problem. Who will be the first to admit that they have deeper feelings as they spend more and more time together?


The characters are very well developed and their interactions, their dialogues, and their banter are really entertaining. As talkative as they are when their real feelings are involved both have knots in their tongue and a suffocating fear of rejection. And when jealousy comes into play, it can be messy. I could have smacked one of the characters in her head for her blindness.

The romance is sweet, well-paced, the chemistry is great and the sex scenes are passionate. Aurora, with her teasing and outgoing personality, challenges Stella more than once. The secondary characters and subplots are very well intertwined in the story, the health-problems within Aurora’s family, her best friend’s wedding and also Stella’s settlement agreement with her ex-wife and her daughter.

The only minor complaint I have is that there are two or three little jumps in the story. For example, Stella has written something special in Spanish for Aurora and Aurora has to translate it later at home, but there was no reaction from her. It was barely mentioned again, something I didn’t understand, I would have jumped around in circles.

Overall, a very entertaining lesbian romance with little drama by T.B. Markinson. For sure not the last book I’m going to read by her.

My rating 4,5 stars.

Thanks to the author for receiving an ARC for an honest review.

lesbian romancelesbian romance

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