A very sweet lesbian romance story now on audiobook

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lesbian romance story

A very sweet lesbian romance story now on audiobook

Review of ‘Coming Home’ by KJ, audiobook narrated by Ruth Guice

I’ve only heard good things about this sweet lesbian romance story published last year and yet I hadn’t managed to read it. As the audiobook version was released, I’m glad I’ve listened to it as I’ve not only discovered a very good author but also a new talented narrator.


When Samantha Markson, an ordinary school teacher in Melbourne, was offered a temporary private tuition job with celebrity actress Abigail Taylor’s daughter, she couldn’t believe her luck. Abby is a gorgeous famous actress but also a caring mother and a down to earth person. There is an intense attraction between them from the start but their lives are so different that they wouldn’t have a chance at love, or would they?

Who doesn’t love an age-gap, celebrity/ordinary person romance? If you do, this book is for you. ‘Coming Home’ is an extremely sweet lesbian love story, low in angst, with very likable characters and off-the-charts chemistry. All the characters, mains, and secondary, are very well fleshed out and their relationships are believable. I’m sometimes wary of the portrayal of children in literature, but 9-year-old Grace is very authentic in that mixture of ingenuity and maturity that children her age have.

I like the way KJ writes, her use of metaphors is funny and refreshing, and the lightness of those words add to the overall feel-good tone of the story. The chemistry between both leads was a slow nice build-up that developed into very sensual and hot sex scenes. There’s even a place for fast-paced action in the story which I didn’t see it coming and was a clever pivotal moment in the book.

I’ve listened to the audiobook version narrated by Ruth Guice and I was pleasantly surprised. I gather that Ms. Guice is quite new to book narration but I’ll keep an eye on her next releases. Her performance of the different emotions in the book was excellent and her different voices for the characters were spot on (with maybe the exception of the male ones). I particularly loved her rendition of Abby, her husky voice tone oozing with sensuality. So, if you are looking for a feel-good romance audiobook, I highly recommend this one. 4.5 stars.

Available with a Scribd subscription.

Duration: 10 hrs and 11 mins

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