An entertaining lesbian sci fi book with a rock band

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lesbian sci fi book

An entertaining lesbian sci fi book with a rock band

'Blood and roses' by M.B. Panichi is what I would consider light lesbian sci fi book. You do NOT have to be a sci-fi fan to read this. This is a story about a rock band.

Review of ‘Blood and roses’ by M.B. Panichi

I thought this was an entertaining read. This is actually the third book in Panichi’s Morgan series. I had read the first two books back in 2016 so I was concerned I would not remember enough and might be a little lost. Luckily for me and new readers to the series, the main characters are completely new for this book. Morgan and Shaine, stars of the first two books, are only secondary characters here who don’t show up until a third of the book is already over. What this means is you can start reading right here even without reading the first two books. If anything reading this book might make you want to go back and read ‘Saving Morgan’ to find out Morgan and Shaine’s backstory. ‘Saving Morgan’ was a lot of fun and what I remember to be my favorite of the series.


Yes, this is lesbian sci fi book, but before you pass it over because of that you should know this is what I would consider light sci-fi. You do NOT have to be a sci-fi fan to read this. This is a story about a rock band. This book could easily take place on earth, expect the band tours on the moon and have instruments like their drums that are a bit more high-tech. The sci-fi is just an added bonus, I would more choose this book if you want to read a story about rock musicians that has some thriller elements and a romance.

As I mentioned above I thought this was an entertaining read. I did think it was a little slower in the beginning. A few things felt a little repetitive with day to day band stuff, but once the story got rolling, it became more exciting. One of the band members has a stalker that seems to be increasingly dangerous so this book takes on a slight thriller feel with some action and that’s when the book really became more fun for me to read. The “bad guy/girl” is not very difficult to figure out but I was still plenty entertained not knowing what would happen next.

When it came to the romance I would say it was about average. It wasn’t the kind to blow you away with chemistry but the romance was sweet. It also helped that the characters were really likable so you were hoping they had a chance to be together.

If you like books about musicians and rock bands, I would recommend this. It had a few bumps but I had fun reading it so I can’t really complain. It’s been over two years since Panichi last released a book so I was happy to see this new release. I hope we don’t have to wait that long for another book from her. 3.50 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian sci fi booklesbian sci fi book

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