A good lesbian sci-fi book

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lesbian sci-fi book

A good lesbian sci-fi book

Review of ‘Lee Shores’ by Rachel Ford

3.50 Stars. This was another good lesbian sci-fi book. This is the second in the Black Flag series. Both books have been solid and entertaining. Since the main storyline is contained in this installment you could start the series here, but I would recommend reading book one first. If you skipped book one there is a main wlw relationship that you would not know how it started and a small cast of secondary characters that you would not be familiar with either.


First, I want to mention this series is free with Kindle Unlimited. I was a little wary going into this series since I have bad luck with KU books. I’m happy to say the writing and editing quality is well done. And while this series is sci-fi, it is very easy to read. There is no confusing science or big info dumps, Ford writes in a very readable way that even non-sci-fi fans would have no issues with.

While this book does not have nearly as much action as book one, it was still really interesting. Most of the story takes place on the home planet of one of the aliens in the crew of the Black Flag ship. The story turned into a bit of a mini-mystery that was unexpected but pleasant.

I actually think this book was better written than the first, but I did have one main complaint. I found that the characters were a bit more passive in this story. It was more that things happen to them and they had to wait for others to help. Book one was not like this and had lots of fun action. I just hope this passiveness was only for this one storyline and the characters will be back to making their own way instead.

I don’t know if Ford reads reviews but I have to mention that the history background/story of a famous alien warrior named Tyia was fantastic. After I heard her story all I could think of is that it would make a great fantasy/sci-fi book. Ford please consider writing Tyia’s story, I would love to read it!

Overall this is a fun and easy to read sci-fi series. I’m hooked and will be reading book three when it comes out. If you are looking for sci-fi that is not heavy and very readable, this series may be for you.

A copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian sci-fi booklesbian sci-fi book

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