This Lesbian Sci-Fi book jumps into a bizarro world
lesbian sci-fi book

This Lesbian Sci-Fi book jumps into a bizarro world

Lesbian Sci-Fi book Review of Rebirth by L. Fergus

3.50 Stars. This has got to be one of the most bizarre “what the hell did I just read” books that I’ve ever read. I have to apologize for this review as I almost don’t know how to rate this book let alone review it. This book jumped down the rabbit hole into a bizarro world and never left. This started as a medieval fantasy book than turned into a sci-fi space opera. With angels, humans, bear shifters and walking talking alien dog and cat hybrids, this book is just plain weird.


When it came to the entertainment factor, this book was full of it. Tons of fighting, swords, guns, and even space ship battles, this book had a ton of action to keep me reading. While the action was really enjoyable, other parts of the book did bother me. For instance, the dialogue was a mixed bag. Near the beginning especially, it was just plain bad. I almost DNF’d. Then the dialogue would be smart and witty then later it was dopey again. It was so up and down I could hardly keep track.

The main character Kita is an angel and as a punishment had her memories locked. Because of this, her character had three personalities. I liked the first two personalities, but unfortunately, as the book went on and she got more memories back, her third personality was not very likable. I also cannot stand her alien bunny rabbit girlfriend. I kept hoping she would go away or catch a spare bullet, but no such luck.

I have to give the author credit for imagination, but this book is way out there. Part of me wants to forget this and never look back. The other part of me says this book is almost so bad that it’s good. Think of the movie ‘Anaconda’ with Jennifer Lopez. The dialogue is awful, but the movie is completely entertaining anyway. I guess I might just have to read the sequel when it comes out, but I really hope the bunny goes away. This is currently available with Kindle Unlimited.


lesbian sci-fi booklesbian sci-fi book

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