This was a cute lesbian second chance romance book

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lesbian second chance romance

This was a cute lesbian second chance romance book

Review of ‘Mending Fences’ by Angie Williams

This was a cute lesbian second chance romance book. Something about ranchers in lesfic, it’s like yes please bring on tall, dark, and studly. But I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’m not the biggest second chance romance fan. I love watching chemistry build in romances so I’m not big on how the chemistry is already built-in for second chances. You normally don’t even get to see the first meeting between the two characters unless it’s in flashbacks which I’m not a fan of either. However, when it came to this book I actually enjoyed it more than I expected. It started a little slow and I thought damn, it’s just like every other second chance romance I’ve read…but then there was a little twist I didn’t see coming and all of a sudden the book got much more interesting.


It is an interesting predicament to have one main character totally crushable, while the other drove me nuts. Bobbie is our butch rancher, butch on the outside but a total softy on the inside. And Grace is our veterinarian that has no idea what she is doing in her life. Grace’s character made most of the conflict and angst so I understand why her character was written moderately unlikeable but if they didn’t have history together, I might not have understood why Bobbi liked her so much.

If you can get over Grace being unlikable, you do have to admit these two had chemistry in bed. I have to talk about these sex scenes. I don’t know if I have ever been so confused about sex scenes before. Part of me thought they were great, the other part was rolling my eyes. It would go from hot and steamy to eye roll, it was so bizarre. Bobbi’s personality completely changed in bed and she was just “King of the dirty talk”. It was actually jarring at times how much her personality transformed. I did get over that part pretty quickly since some people do completely change in the sheets, what I struggled with is some of the lines where totally cheeseballs. I went from fanning myself to almost being embarrassed, it was a weird mix. This is Williams’s first book so I would say to her yes on the dirty talk, just pull it back a bit because sometimes less is more.

This is not the kind of book that is going to blow you away, but it was very readable and plenty entertaining. I liked the little twist and the steamy sex scenes. I think this was a solid debut and I have hope this author will only get better. 3.5 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian second chance romance booklesbian second chance romance book

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