A lesbian second chance romance with some drama

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lesbian second chance romance

A lesbian second chance romance with some drama

Review of ‘Twice Upon a Time’ by Erica Lee

Erica Lee is a new author for me though she has published eleven books already.


‘Twice Upon a Time’ is a classic, sweet, second chance romance. Kari Adelberg and Kacey Caldwell met at college ten years ago. They felt an instant connection and they were sweethearts for three years until that one day Kacey announced she had to go back to her family.

Ten years later, Kari is shocked to find Kacey moving in as her neighbor. She never thought she would see her first love again, and now fate brought them back into each other’s lives. Kari is very reluctant to let Kacey into her life again, she knows she would not survive a second time losing her. But Bailey, Kacey’s daughter has other plans. She captured Kari’s heart in an instant and she couldn’t bring up the walls around her heart that fast. Maybe she could just be friends with Kacey?

There is a lot of push and pull. The chemistry is great, but Kari is too afraid to give in. She knows she’s still in love with the girl from ten years ago, but who is this girl as a grown-up woman, as a mother? The more time they spend together the stronger the pull gets. With some flashbacks, we get to know their sweet story from college. I’m not a big fan of flashbacks, but in this case it helps to understand their story.

The story is written in Kari’s point of view. The main characters were good women, although Kari’s behavior was sometimes a bit annoying. I understood her reluctance to give in to the attraction to Kacey, the woman who ten years earlier went back to her family without explanation. The reader gets to know Kacey as a sweetheart and a loving mother. We learn that she is a trustworthy and responsible person, but it takes time for Kari, to see and believe it too. There are also some great secondary characters involved, especially Bo, Kari’s best friend, and a great ally. Also Bailey, the ten-year-old cute little squirt of a kid who knows too many big words. She stole my heart in an instant.

My main complaint was Kari’s behavior when interacting with her sister and her attitude towards Kacey during the difficult times she and her family had to endure, around 80% of the story.

The story is a nice lesbian second chance romance with some drama and angst involved. It’s mainly about trust, family, friends, forgiveness and the first love you’ll never forget.

My rating 3.75 stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian second chance romancelesbian second chance romance

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