A very good lesbian second-chances romance audiobook
lesbian second-chances romance audiobook

A very good lesbian second-chances romance audiobook

Review of ‘Love waits’ by Gerri Hill, Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

When Gina Granbury receives an invitation for the 20th anniversary high-school reunion, memories of her first love relationship with her schoolmate Ashleigh Pence come back along with the betrayal that drove them apart. he has ignored any previous reunion’s invitations but, after so many years and her heart mended, she wants to see Ashleigh again. When they finally meet, they discover that their chemistry is still there but will they be able to give in to a second chance opportunity?


Like Hill’s ‘At seventeen’, this is another very good second-chances novel by Gerri Hill with the theme of a broken first love at high-school and a later meeting in life. In both novels, their past story is revealed in flashbacks intertwined with present time, so the book has also a young adult feel. Ms. Hill knows how to build the characters’ chemistry from their initial encounter and increase it until present time. My only criticism is that the reason for their initial break-up sounds a bit weak but it could be understood by the insecurities of their young age.

I’ve read this book years ago and now listened to the audiobook version by Abby Craden. As usual, the narrator did a great job at producing distinctive and recognisable voices, though I didn’t particularly like Gina’s tone. Ms. Hill’s story presents a range of different emotions from the innocent discovery of first love, coming-out and heartbreak to their reunion and sizzling chemistry. As usual, Ms. Craden’s performance of all those different feelings that the characters go through is spot-on. This audiobook is 6 hours long and available with a Scribd subscription.

Overall, a very good lesbian second-chances romance audiobook. 4.5 stars for both the story and the narration.

lesbian second-chances romance audiobooklesbian second-chances romance audiobook      lesbian second-chances romance audiobooklesbian second-chances romance audiobook


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