An Angsty Lesbian Second Chances Romance Book

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Lesbian Second Chances Book

An Angsty Lesbian Second Chances Romance Book

As much as I expect readers will have some mixed feelings about this lesbian second chances romance book since it is about infidelity, I recommend it anyway.

Review of ‘Just one moment’ by Dena Blake

3.5 Stars. Not my favorite by Blake but I still enjoyed it. It’s funny that while I’m not usually a fan of over the top, soap-opera-like angst, I don’t mind it in Blake’s books. Besides her book ‘Racing Hearts’, (which I’m just going to pretend never existed and neither should readers everywhere) her last four books have been pretty darn entertaining. If you want angst, go have fun with Blake.


Infidelity! Dun, dun, dun. It’s one of those single words that can get people to pass on a book in an instant. I’ve personally found that I have done about a 180 on this subject. I still don’t care to read about it but, and there is a but, if the author bases the whole story around it, including the aftermath and should or shouldn’t the characters stick together, I am much more okay with it.

I don’t like infidelity as a cheap plot gimmick that is used in one chapter and quickly forgotten/forgiven after two more chapters. Luckily, Blake used the former and while it was plenty angsty and soap opera worthy, it was the good soap opera kind, the entertaining kind and not the ‘we’re just sweeping it under the rug’ kind.

Is everyone going to like both characters? Probably not, and to be honest I’m not sure if I really cared for either of the two mains. In a brilliant plot twist, amnesia is involved. As a reader can you hate a cheater if they don’t remember they cheated? What an interesting question that this book brings right to the reader. Interestingly enough the answer was no I couldn’t “hate her” but for other reasons not even touching on the cheating, well she wasn’t my favorite character.

Both characters were a bit immature and made me feel like a very old 37-year-old. And even though I am very much a character-driven reader, Blake’s angst-filled plot is what kept me going. I didn’t care that I didn’t really like the characters I just wanted to know what happened next.

Am I recommending this one? Yes. As much as I expect readers will have some mixed feelings about this book since it is about the big bad infidelity, I can’t help but recommend it anyway. Is this a book I will remember in six months’ time after I read another 100 books, no probably not, but I had fun reading it and I’ll never complain about being entertained.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

Lesbian Second Chances Romance BookLesbian Second Chances Romance Book

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