'Big girl pill' is much more than a lesbian second chances romance

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lesbian second chances romance

‘Big girl pill’ is much more than a lesbian second chances romance

Review of ‘Big girl pill’ by KD Williamson, audiobook narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan

‘Big girl pill’ is so much more than a lesbian second chances romance or even a coming out story. It’s also a tale on how to overcome what people expect from yourself and fight for your own desires. The author does a great job to present family as both a facilitator or an inhibitor to one’s potential.


Maya Davis and Nina Sterling have a history. Since they had a one night stand in college, their friendship has been in shambles. Now that Nina is getting married, she asked Maya to be her bridesmaid. Maya, who still harbours feelings for Nina, decided to take a big girl pill and be part of the ceremony. Hopefully, that will help her overcome her unrequited love, won’t it?

This was a fantastic, humorous, and entertaining romance with an interesting exploration of family relationships. The romance had very good chemistry between the mains with a slowly but surely build-up of their bond. However, in my opinion, what really makes this book outstanding is the weaving of family relationships which fortunately takes a lot of space in the novel. The family aspects here are as important as the romance.

Another thing I loved about this book was the not-so-secondary characters, especially Maya’s brothers and Nina’s lesbian cousin Rachel. They are fleshed realistically as well as the interconnections among them. Each character has their unique and very distinct personality so much so that they seem to become alive through the pages. Among them, Rachel is hilarious and incredibly loyal. Apparently the author plans to write a sequel featuring this character. Rachel surely deserves it.

I’ve listened to the audiobook narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan who is new to lesfic but hopefully will narrate more queer books in the future. The author chose this narrator personally, which was a great decision. Her narrative tone is a perfect fit for this novel which has a balance of funny, romantic and emotional moments. Her choice of voices and accents are also spot on and brings the story to life.

Overall a very entertaining, humorous, and emotional audiobook. 5 stars.

Available with a Scribd subscription.

Duration: 8 hrs and 51 mins

lesbian second chances romancelesbian second chances romance


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