Lesbian Slow burn romance about trusting and loving again

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lesbian slow burn romance

Lesbian Slow burn romance about trusting and loving again

'Bend for me' by Jessica Yeh is a lesbian slow burn romance about trusting and loving again

Review of ‘Bend for me’ by Jessica Yeh

In the last few weeks, I got the opportunity to discover some new authors. Jessica Yeh is one of them, and I like her writing.


Since Avery Bennett’s heart was shattered after a bad breakup, she keeps her women at distance and has a reputation of a player. She is always very confident with a woman of her interest but never letting someone get close again. When her best friends drag her to a yoga class, everything changes. She can’t stop thinking about the yoga instructor, she’s not able to forget her even if she tries with a hookup. What should she do? Act on her attraction? Should she make a play for her? But there is one problem, around the beautiful yoga teacher, she mutates to a clumsy and tong-tied individual.

Kadence Cooper is said yoga instructor. After a tragic incident in her past, she had to fight her depressions to find her way back in life. Teaching Yoga has helped her, but still, sorrow and grief sometimes catch up with her. One day a student of hers brings Avery to her class, a good looking, cocky woman. What is it with this woman with the horrible pick up lines, that she can’t get her out of her mind? Because she does not want anything from any woman.

Will the two wounded souls find a way to each other’s hearts?

I liked Avery and Kadence a lot, although in the beginning Avery was very flippant and could be a little bit annoying. But the better you get to know her, the more likable she became, the more I saw behind her pose, the more I  understood her behavior. She’s a person who doesn’t like to talk about her feelings, and after an incident between her and Kadence, she really does not dare to say anything about feelings.

Kadence is a beautiful and funny person, she challenges Avery with her teasing and likes that she can make her speechless. She has to fight her own demons from the past, which are really not easy to put them to rest. The friendship with her sister is very strong and beautiful and helps her a lot.

The story is well written in third person, with a smooth flow. It is a very slow burn romance, which was perfect. Otherwise, it would not have been realistic. The characters are good persons and they have great chemistry. The author did a good job of bringing them together again, but very slowly. There is a lot of funny banter, bad pickup-lines, emotions, love, sadness, and hope in this story. It’s about friendship, trust, family, and love. The secondary characters are great too, especially Avery’s best friend Emma and Kadence’s sister Melody-the-ice-queen were perfect.

Recommended to all romance lovers. My rating 4.5 stars

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

lesbian slow burn romancelesbian slow burn romance

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