A lesbian slow burn romance book with a nice pay-off

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lesbian slow burn romance book

A lesbian slow burn romance book with a nice pay-off

Review of ‘Reasons to Heal’ by Jenn Matthews

This was a perfectly nice lesbian slow burn romance book but it didn’t all come together for me. It was a good read, I just wished I could have enjoyed the main characters a bit more. Matthews writes very well, I just didn’t enjoy this as much as her book ‘Hooked on You’.


I thought the story started really well. We follow Molly who is training to be a constable. Unfortunately, after the gripping beginning, the book slows down a bit. I felt there were times, in the middle of the story, that I was slogging through the pages a bit. The book did pick up in the final third and I found it to be a more enjoyable read.

As I mentioned before, I had trouble with my connection to the main characters. I liked that Kudzi was from Zimbabwe and I enjoyed the scenes with her family, but I didn’t find her personality that compelling. With the other main Molly, I really liked that she was fluent in BSL (British sign language) because her little sister was deaf, but again her personality did not really do anything for me. She didn’t have any real convictions unless it was to boss someone else around. Maybe because both characters came off a bit dull, that’s why they made a good pair. I really liked where parts of the plot where going with this story but I’m such a character-driven reader that I struggled a tiny bit.

While I didn’t think the characters had that much chemistry together, I enjoyed how the romance was written. It was a slow-burn romance with a nice payoff. I liked how the characters took their time and were sensual with each other before they got to any sex scenes. And when the sex scene finally came it was long, well done, and worth making us wait so long for it.

There was a lot of good here I just wished that I connected with the characters more since I could have loved this instead. I think I would still recommend this to readers that are less character and more plot-driven. I think that kind of reader might enjoy this more than I did. I do like how Matthews writes so I’m hoping her next book will be a big hit for me. 3.50 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian slow burn romance booklesbian slow burn romance book

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