An ok lesbian spin-off book from 'Breaking Character'

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lesbian spin-off book

An ok lesbian spin-off book from ‘Breaking Character’

Review of ‘Changing the script’ by Lee Winter

Lee Winter is one of my favourite lesfic authors since ‘The red files’ was released and every time she writes a new book I’m eager to read it. Even though ‘Breaking character’ wasn’t my favourite of hers, I was excited to read about Alex, a character from that novel’s universe as she is involved in directing a doomed movie and her chance meeting with the standoffish local cop Sam. In ‘Changing the script’ the usual elements of Lee Winter’s style are present: thawing ice-queen, slow-burn romance, and intrigue. However, I’m afraid that I couldn’t connect with this story as much as I’d have liked to.


I have to admit that my bar is really high when it comes to Lee Winter. I’m reviewing this book comparing it to the rest of her work and not other lesbian books in the genre, that’s because I know how great a novel penned by Ms. Winter can be, her potential is really high within the lesfic genre. Hence, my disappointment at this one.

I said before that I couldn’t connect with the story, I cannot pinpoint exactly why but the main characters didn’t appeal to me that much. Their personalities were well defined and multi-dimensional but I just couldn’t empathise with them, I missed Ms. Winter’s larger than life ice-queens, her self-deprecating heroines who come to their rescue, and the well-constructed intrigue around them. In my opinion, this book fell short in all of those departments. It wasn’t bad at all, just not as good as the others.

If you are new to this author, you should read ‘The red files’, ‘Requiem for immortals‘ or ‘The brutal truth‘ to get an idea of how good she can write. If you still want to read this one, start with ‘Breaking character‘ or wait until the audiobook is released hopefully narrated by Angela Dawe who will surely make this story sound much better.

Overall, an ok lesbian spin-off book from ‘Breaking character’. 3.5 stars.

lesbian spin-off booklesbian spin-off book

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