This lesbian sports romance novel was right up my alley

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lesbian sports romance novel

This lesbian sports romance novel was right up my alley

Review of ‘Slammed’ by Lola Keeley

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was one of the better books I have read about tennis that I can remember. It did not seem like Keeley just decided to one day write a book about tennis. Instead, it feels like Keeley is a real tennis fan and this was her tribute.


I want to make clear this is a SPORTS romance, not a romance that just happens to be between characters that are athletes. If you are a tennis fan this book is absolutely for you. If you are not much of a sports fan, you probably won’t enjoy it as much. I love sports romance but my one complaint is usually that there are not enough sport aspects for my personal taste. I think authors worry about alienating non-sport fans. So for me, a book so true to tennis was a real treat to read.

While the romance is not the biggest focus, I was happy with it. It’s not steamy or crazy chemistry filled, but it is really sweet and a feel-good kind of romance. There is a mix of explicit and fade to black sex scenes. The characters are really cute together so it’s easy to hope for a HEA.

Besides being a sport-romance, this story is also about family and doing the right thing even when it is hard. I mentioned a feel-good romance but feel good really does describe the whole of the book. This story is told in first person so you really get attached to the main character. I didn’t know what to think of her at first but I liked her more and more as the book went on and she’s a character that I won’t soon forget.

I did think there were a few times where a scene didn’t really feel needed or maybe it could have been cut shorter. This book isn’t overly long, it’s a good length, and I was very happy with the ending… there were just one or two parts that slowed down the flow a bit. But that really is it when it comes to complaints. This lesbian sports romance novel was right up my alley so not much for me to complain about at all.

I absolutely recommend this book to sports fans. This was written by someone that knows the sport of tennis and it felt authentic. It was an uplifting and feel-good story and it’s one I would consider re-reading if I actually had the time. 4.25 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

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