I love this series of lesbian steampunk-fantasy books

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lesbian steampunk-fantasy books

I love this series of lesbian steampunk-fantasy books

Review of ‘A Touch of Ice’ by Nita Round

I am so hooked on this series! This is the fourth book of the ‘Towers of the Earth’ series (not including two other prequel novellas) that officially comes out this month (June 2020). If you happened to see my recent review of the prequel novellas, you might remember that these are lesbian steampunk-fantasy books. These books are filled with pirates, mermaids, sirens, mummies, berserker shifters, automatons, and plenty of magic. The inner geek in me just loves it all. These books are so unique and are unlike any other series I have ever read. Nita Round’s imagination is off the hook and I love every second of these stories.


I was really excited about this book because finally, we were going to learn the true story and heritage of who our captain Magda Stoner really is. This was Magda’s book. She was the absolute star and I didn’t think she could get any more badass but somehow she did. A lot of this book was about Magda trying to claim her destiny so there were some slower parts, but there was still plenty of excitement to keep the pages turning. The last half of the book especially was chock-full of action.

Due to this being the fourth book of the series, I want to be careful not to give spoilers away. I will mention a couple of quick things. There is a new character we meet towards the end of the book that I’m super excited about. One of the main secondary characters is a healer and she has a connection to this new arrival. I can’t wait to find out more about how they are connected and I hope we will see a lot more of both of them to come. The other thing I wanted to mention is that I believe the next book will really be Ascara’s turn to shine. I hope I’m reading things right as she is my favorite character and I love her “magical powers” if you will so I can’t wait for her book.

With the way this series is going, my guess is there will be at least two more, if not more, books. I love this series so I will keep reading as many books as Round wants to write. As a reminder, the first prequel, ‘A Pinch of Salt’, is still free as of today. I know not everyone knows what steampunk really is and some people might be wary of fantasy, so I hope readers will use this as a chance to grab this free prequel and see if this series might be for you. What do you have to lose and it might really surprise you in the best way. Round is a very talented author with an imagination to rival anyone. I just hope she can write book five fast since I want more already. These books are also now available on Kindle Unlimited which makes them an absolute steal. 4.50 stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian steampunk-fantasy bookslesbian steampunk-fantasy books


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