Not one of my favorites by Blue but it was a nice lesbian story

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lesbian story

Not one of my favorites by Blue but it was a nice lesbian story

Review of ‘All at Sea’ by Cheyenne Blue

This was a perfectly fine story but I wasn’t as crazy about it as I hoped. I think Blue’s a good author and most of the time I really click with her stories. Unfortunately, I thought this book was pretty much average. It’s a nice story but not really more than that. It did give me an entertaining night of reading which I appreciate, I just wasn’t wowed like I was hoping for.


As other reviewers have mentioned this book is almost like two different stories. One story is on the water, in a sailboat, and the other on land. And the funny part is most of the other reviewers loved the first part, where I was really not feeling it much at all. It wasn’t until the story was back on land that I got more into the book. The beginning part of the story felt very unrealistic to me and all I could think of was the word “kidnapping.” I mean I know this is fiction so a book can be out there but it still bothered me.

Another issue I had related to the beginning was what the characters were doing on the boat in the first place. They were harassing big ocean liners to stop them from dumping waste. I used to watch ‘Whale Wars’ where they would try to stop the poaching of whales in the Southern ocean. I’m all for these kinds of good causes, but Sea Shepherd used big powerful boats to try to stop the whalers. They were not scooting around cutting off ocean liners in a two or three-person sailboat. It sounded so damn dangerous and the fact one character basically forced the other into it, I couldn’t just relax and enjoy it. It got my anxiety going instead.

My final issue is two parts. For one I didn’t love the characters. I did grow to like Kaz more but Stevie was just sort of meh. I’m such a character-driven reader that not connecting right off the bat can really mess me up. And I don’t know if it was the not caring too much about the characters or what but I didn’t really feel their connection. It felt almost like they figured “Hey, we’re both single, so why not”, much more than a real “you are my HEA”. I also felt sorry for Kaz since it seemed like every time she wanted to have sex, Stevie wanted coffee or food or anything to make Kaz wait.

Once the book got back on land and there was some conflict with Stevie’s family, I was able to get more into the story. I felt like this book needed some more angst so I was happy to at least get something going on to mix things up a bit. I did wish there was a little more conflict to drive things but the book did pick up for me.

Not one of my favorites by Blue but it was a nice lesbian story. I was entertained just not wowed as I wanted. But when parts of the story felt unrealistic, the story didn’t feel recycled instead it felt pretty fresh which is always nice. I think most romance fans would like this but this is not the book I would recommend to people new to Blue. I would suggest reading ‘Code of Conduct’ or her ‘Girl Meets Girl’ series ‘Never-Tied Nora’ over this book. 3.25 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian storylesbian story

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