I'm hooked on these lesbian urban fantasy books

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lesbian urban fantasy books

I’m hooked on these lesbian urban fantasy books

Review of ‘The Wounded Ones’ by G.D. Penman

I’m hooked on this series. There have not been a lot of new paranormal or lesbian urban fantasy books lately so I was really excited to get my hands on this book. This is the second book in the ‘Witch of Empire’ trilogy. I would highly recommend reading book one ‘The Year of the Knife’ first. This is a series that needs to be read in order. I read book one almost three years ago and it took me a little while to remember a lot of the important secondary characters. Going so long between books was hard enough that I think skipping book one would be really tough.

These books are about Sully who is a badass witch. She’s sarcastic, bitchy, and even a bit crazy at times but she has a good heart and will put the people she cares about ahead of herself. She has had a rough past with her vampire girlfriend Marie but she truly loves her and wants a future with her. But before that can happened Sully has a war to fight. Can she make it back home to Marie when everyone wants Sully dead?

I have really grown attached to some of the characters in this series. Sully is such a badass that she is fun to read about. While she is a killing machine, she is not immune so she sure takes her knocks. I also loved her demon friend who steals the book a bit.

The action in this story is really well done. It is one thing after another after another. I started wondering is Sully would have time just to sleep, that answer is not really. The pace of this book is so fast that you just keep flipping the pages. This book is violent and even a little gory at times, but it is action-packed fun.

This book does end on a baby cliffhanger. It’s not too bad of one, a lot of the big storylines were wrapped up, and since it is a series I can’t really be mad, but I hope the final book is coming out soon. Almost 3 years to wait in between books is too long to so I hope Penman is writing book three already. If you are in the mood for high action, alt-history, paranormal book I would recommend this series. Just make sure that your read book one ‘The Year of the Knife’.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian urban fantasy bookslesbian urban fantasy books

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