A fun lesbian version of Groundhog Day

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lesbian version of Groundhog Day

A fun lesbian version of Groundhog Day

Review of ‘Kiss Me Every Day’ by Dena Blake

This was a fun read. As a “Groundhog Day” movie fan I was really excited to read this. I like the premise of having one day to do over until your life changes for the better. And to get a lesbian version of Groundhog Day, I’m all for it. I’m happy to say that it was the entertaining storyline that I was hoping for.


Dena Blake is one of my go-to authors when I want something really angsty. I was actually surprised to see that this had way less angst than her books normally have. But the book still had plenty of conflict pushing the story forward so that it went at a nice fast pace. I read this whole book last night and the story flew by for the most part.

Since this is a story about reliving one day over and over, it does get a little repetitive. I think Dena did a good job of mixing things up with different outcomes but you do know that the main character has to do everything right before she can move on so some parts have to be done over and over. If you pay attention to the book you will have a guess as to why Wynn can’t move forward. I think it was the second to last repeated day that I started yelling at Wynn to figure it out too so the story could move on. I think I personally would have liked one less repeated day, so I didn’t get that frustration, but this still was a fun premise.

Since the romance mostly takes place in one day it feels like insta-love, but because Wynn has that day over and over, it’s not insta-love for her. Even the sex feels like it came a little quick for Carly, because it is on her first date, but for Wynn it has been half the story. It’s interesting how that worked out and almost messed with me a bit. The chemistry is really good between the mains which I always appreciate.

If you are a “Groundhog Day” fan and like the “do-over” premise, then I would definitely recommend this one. I had to spend my birthday, last night, at home social distancing but this book entertained me and made my night better. I can’t really ask for much more than that during these times.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian version of Groundhog Daylesbian version of Groundhog Day

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