An excellent lesbian workplace romance audiobook

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lesbian workplace romance audiobook

An excellent lesbian workplace romance audiobook

Review of ‘Too close to touch’ by Georgia Beers,

Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

I’ve read this book many years ago but it still is ingrained in my memory, so when I saw the audiobook narrated by Abby Craden, this was a no-brainer listening choice. Gretchen Kaiser is a workaholic sales executive with eyes only in going up the corporate ladder and nothing is going to stop her. Not her daddy issues, not the male competition and certainly not her sweet, caring and beautiful new assistant. Kylie O’Brien believes in true love and waiting for the woman to sweep her off her feet, though she wasn’t expecting that person to be her icy, distant but gorgeous new boss…


Written in 2006, this novel is the epitome of an office romance in a corporate environment. Nothing is more tempting than a forbidden attraction. Ms. Beers plays expertly the contrasts between the main characters: boss / assistant, blonde / brunette, outgoing / reserved, age gap, and so on. This is seriously opposites-attract romance. As Gretchen and Kylie’s work relationship gets more intense, so does their mutual attraction. The author knows how to build up the sexual tension until it’s sizzling hot. The looks, the subtle touches, the late-night conversations, the inevitable flirting… ‘Too close to touch’ is a masterclass on how to make two characters apparently opposite fall for each other.

As if the off the charts chemistry wasn’t enough, what makes this book shine is the background story around the main characters. Kylie’s too-close bond with her best friend and her big circle of loving family and friends, Gretchen’s estranged relationship with her father and string of one-night-stands, all these details that make them more real and multifaceted, play a huge role in their conflict and move the story forward.

The narration by Abby Craden is phenomenal, her voices for both Kylie and Gretchen are, in my opinion, exactly as the author described them. As usual, her performance of the different feelings is compelling and, believe me, this book has an extensive gamut of emotions to vent. It’s superb to listen to those characters come to life and the story to unfold in such great manner.

Overall, an excellent lesbian workplace romance audiobook. This book has a mix of romance, sex, drama, angst, and love. A great narration by Abby Craden. 5 stars.

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