A solid lesbian workplace romance book

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lesbian workplace romance book

A solid lesbian workplace romance book

Review of ‘Counting on love’ by R.L. Burgess

This was a solid book by Burgess. I have never read her before but have wanted to read her book Match Point for a while now so I was excited to try her work. While I have to admit I wasn’t wowed here, I found the book to be comfortable and I enjoyed it.


I have to admit I thought this book was about an accountant (I can’t think of a more boring job. My father is one and he agrees with my assessment) I was happy to find out it was really about financial advisers. I know that doesn’t seem like a big step-up in the boredom department, but trust me it is and I found the subject to be nice and readable. Really this is a good book to recommend for boss/employee relationship fans.

This is a very slow burn romance, but I’m not really complaining. I do think I could have used a tad more chemistry between the mains. We are told plenty about what they are thinking about each other but I wanted to see a little more. There is only one slightly explicit sex scene, which seemed to fit the whole of the book.

Since this is a slow burn romance, I have to say I was worried as the pages and time kept ticking away. I was wondering how Burgess was going to end this book. It’s not a short book, I would say about average for lesfic romance, but I found myself wishing for more time. I have to say I was really happy Burgess didn’t overhype the ending. So many authors feel like they have to add in marriage, kids, and the kitchen sink in the last few pages. I hate that rushing for the happiest of happily ever after, it makes the book feel unrealistic. I thought Burgess ended this perfectly and it also leaves room for her to write a sequel if she really wanted.

If you are looking for a solid lesbian workplace romance book, this is a good choice. There are also some good parts of Australia that would make this a good summer beach read too. I would not hesitate to read Burgess again. 3.5 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian workplace romance booklesbian workplace romance book

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