A steamy lesfic book version of a Hallmark movie

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lesfic book

A steamy lesfic book version of a Hallmark movie

Review of ‘Vetted’ by K’Anne Meinel

Vetted is a colorful take on new love. It’s a bouquet of fresh wildflowers; it’s holding the door open for your partner; it’s about the gentle touches and late-night talks that leave you giddy. It’s the tackling of the ups and downs of everyday life together as a committed couple.


The story begins in modern-day Denver but it may as well be a scene out of a 50’s or 60’s tv show. Allyssa is a new college student, studying business to help her father in his insurance brokerage. However, her education is not a segues into a fast-moving enterprise.

This is meant to be a temporary solution with the main goal of finding her a well-to-do husband, preferably one of the wealthy sons of the family’s country club cohorts. Allyssa’s parents and her older sister control what she wears, her choice of friends, hobbies, college major, every detail. There’s no room for her own voice until a single incident alters her path forever.

Enter the handsome but older Dr. Fiona Herriot. After what feels like a brief but still appropriate courtship, Fe proposes to Allyssa. Whether it’s the opportunity to go into a world that isn’t dictated by her family or whether it’s her affection for Fiona, Allyssa decidedly becomes Mrs. Herriot.

Together, they embark on a journey to the big country of Oregon where they open a veterinary practice. There are the trials and tribulations of a new marriage as well as learning to live in a rustic environment, far from city conveniences. There’s also a bit of danger and action. Finally, as their relationship deepens, so does their physical intimacy. Both characters evolve nicely but it’s Allyssa who grows into her adult skin.

Fast-moving and unabashedly old fashioned like a steamy Lesfic book version of a Hallmark movie.

lesfic booklesfic book

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