A fun lesfic romance book with some dramatic twists

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lesfic romance book

A fun lesfic romance book with some dramatic twists

Review of ‘What Happened in Vegas?’ by Claire Highton-Stevenson

This is a sweet and funny lesfic romance book with some drama. Even though I am not the type for one-night stands, and I can’t imagine having sex after such a short time, I enjoyed the story.


Molly’s employer shipped her off to Vegas for a few days vacation that she should have taken months ago. After talking to a stunningly attractive stranger at the airport in Vegas, she is surprised to meet the same woman at her hotel again. Anna is on a business trip to Vegas and just wants to have some fun in the evenings. She has a life plan that doesn’t include a wedding in the near future. When they decided to have dinner and some fun together, they didn’t imagine what would come next. After waking up the next morning they had to endure not only a hangover but also a big decision: to stay or not to stay married.

Anna and Molly are funny and entertaining characters that I quickly warmed to. I liked them both, although there were times I would have liked to knock some sense into them. Their mutual attraction could be felt from the first second they met and the chemistry was sparkling hot, as were the steaming sex scenes. There was some push and pull, which I could understand because they practically put the cart before the horse with marrying before getting to know each other.

The drama part is well-integrated and sadly, such things actually happen everywhere, and it adds some needed extra tension to the story. There are a few secondary characters, like Anna’s mother, a woman who is strong in her faith, but who isn’t as stubborn as she seems to be. And there is Joyce who is a wonderful and loyal friend, that everyone wants to have in their lives.

I found that the character of Molly’s ex-girlfriend Sam was a little clichéd. She didn’t know the word ‘no’ when trying to get back with Molly. Her adding to the tension between the main characters was predictable but, unfortunately, it’s something that also happens in real life.

I loved the humor, the interactions, and also the dialogues. My only complaint is that some parts of the story are predictable, but overall it is a hot and fun romance that fans of the genre will like. My rating 4.25 stars

Thanks to the author for providing an ARC for an honest review

lesfic romance booklesfic romance book

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