A very readable and entertaining lesfic sci-fi book

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lesfic sci-fi book

A very readable and entertaining lesfic sci-fi book

Review of ‘Lunar eclipse’ by Gun Brooke

I’m a Brooke fan and have read a lot of her back catalogue. Since there are not a ton of lesfic sci-fi books out there, I am always happy when Brooke puts a new book out. Her sci-fi series called ‘Exodus’ was a lot of fun. The first book had some bumps, but I loved the rest of that series. I was hoping I would have a similar reaction to this new standalone book. Instead, I’m a little in the middle. Parts I really enjoyed, others left me feeling a little underwhelmed. It’s the kind of book I’m glad I read, I just didn’t love it like I was hoping too.


Moon has spent her entire life as a slave. After pirates attack the ship she is bound too, Moon is determined to stay alive and finally be free. Will Moon’s vow come true and what will happen to her if she falls for the competent Captain Beaux?

First, I have to give Brooke props for the world-building. I loved the planet Haven that Brooke designed. From the animal creatures to other surprises, I really liked how well imagined it all was. There was plenty that felt very fresh and didn’t feel just recycled from one sci-fi book to another. Brooke even included smells and tastes that added these little details that helped make it feel like you were really there on that planet.

I know not everyone loves sci-fi but I don’t think anyone would have trouble reading this story even if you are newer to the genre. It has action and excitement with a romance. There was nothing too technical or hard to read, instead, this book is very approachable for any adult reader.

I think the reason I didn’t love this was the romance. Having read plenty of Brooke’s books I know she can write really good romances. I liked the two mains together but I wasn’t feeling any spark. There is so much going on action-wise that I don’t think there was enough time to really build the romance up. It seemed like the characters went from a kiss to discussing what their futures could possibly be together. The jump was too quick with not enough of that mushy romantic middle that I love. I think the book needed about 50 more pages that were 95% romance.

All and all I liked this story I just didn’t love it. I don’t think it is Brooke’s best but I would still recommend it to sci-fi or Brooke fans. If you are new to Brooke’s sci-fi I would suggest her ‘Exodus’ series first, but this was a very readable and entertaining lesfic sci-fi book. 3.50 stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesfic sci-fi booklesfic sci-fi book

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