This LGBT paranormal book wowed and absolutely impressed me

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LGBT paranormal book

This LGBT paranormal book wowed and absolutely impressed me

Review of ‘The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus’ by Alanna McFall

This was really good! I have to admit that this book surprised me. I was hoping to enjoy this but I sure did not expect it to be so good. I knew nothing about the book ahead of time. From now until November I’m going to be reading as many paranormal type books as I can. I love this time of year. While I had no expectations about this book, it ended up being a real treat to read.


Chelsea wants to go to her brother’s wedding. She was excited about it when she was alive, and it’s even more important to her now that she is dead. Unfortunately, ghosts can’t ride in planes or cars so Chelsea has to make it from NYC to California by walking. Her ghostly mentor and her human friend (who can see ghosts) decide to make the long cross country trip with Chelsea. Can the three friends make it in time for the wedding?

The premise seems a little out there, and it is, but this story is so well done. The diverse cast includes a wonderful mix of LGBTQ and heterosexual characters. Each character is fully fleshed out, even the dead ones, and you feel such a connection to them all. The human friend who is a mime is also mute. This is the third book I have read in maybe 45 days that have used American Sign Language. It’s so nice to see in books and I hope this becomes more the norm.

This LGBT paranormal book was much more introspective than I expected. And I think the heart of the book is about the strong friendship of these three women. This book has all the feels. From scary moments with the dangers of being on the road to exciting moments with other ghosts to happy and sad moments that make you cry and laugh in equal measure. This book even had the cutest damn cat of all time.

This is not an easy book to explain because it is so different but it’s well written and just well done, period. I have been complaining about not being wowed too much lately in books, this book wowed and absolutely impressed me. If you want a book that will make you think, will make you laugh and cry and want to go hug your loved ones, this is that book. I hope more people will give this read a chance; it’s too good not to. 4.25 Stars.

Available with your Scribd subscription.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

LGBT paranormal bookLGBT paranormal book


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1 thought on “This LGBT paranormal book wowed and absolutely impressed me”

  1. ” Each character is fully fleshed out, even the dead ones”

    Not a line you usually read in a book review. 🙂

    Your description makes me want to read this book.

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