Love Bites by Lila Bruce, narrated by Paige Reisenfeld and PJ Freebourn
Love Bites by Lila Bruce

Love Bites by Lila Bruce, narrated by Paige Reisenfeld and PJ Freebourn

This audiobook was right up my alley!

If you are looking for a cute, funny and romantic story to cheer you up, search no more. Love Bites does exactly what it says on the tin.


Ashley and Peyton dated back in college and broke up 12 years ago to never see each other again until one day Ashley takes her dog Moose to the animal clinic only to realise that the veterinarian is no other than Peyton. After their initial surprise, both women start reconnecting… but will they be able to leave their differences aside and find happiness in each other?

This is a second-chance romance with the setting of a small town. The original take on this story is that some parts are told from the perspective of Ashley’s dachshund dog Moose who is outright hilarious:

“I glanced over to see an Irish Setter walking gracefully toward me, her red hair shimmering in the late evening sunlight. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. For just a moment, I lost the ability to speak and just stared at her like some dumb basset hound—no offense to Elvis.
“So,” she said, her tone low and sultry, “are you just going to stand there all day, or are you going to come sniff my butt?”

Moose‘s obsession with stealing food, disdain for Peyton – who put him on a diet – and unconditional love for Ashley, introduces a cuteness factor that makes this story very special. He definitely steals the show. The human cast is very likable and Ashley and Peyton’s chemistry is very strong so it’s very easy to root for their happily ever after.

On paper, this audiobook shouldn’t have worked for me. I normally don’t like two narrators and, in this case, one of them is male which it’s strange for a Sapphic romance. However, it makes absolute sense as PJ Freebourn reads the chapters from Moose’s point of view and Paige Reisenfeld narrates both female main characters. Mr. Freebourn absolutely pulls off the different voices for the dogs and Moose’s own voices for the humans. If the book was already funny, his performance makes it absolutely hilarious.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a cute romance that will make you laugh. 5 stars.

Length: 7 hrs and 27 mins

Love Bites by Lila BruceLove Bites by Lila Bruce

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