Cute romance but I didn’t click with it as I hoped
Love's Falling Star by B.D. Grayson

Cute romance but I didn’t click with it as I hoped

Review of Love’s Falling Star by B.D. Grayson

Cute romance but I didn’t click with it as I hoped. This book has a lot of wonderful, high-rated, reviews so I seem to be a bit of an outlier here. I’m not sure if my expectations were too high, or what but this book is falling in the strictly just okay category for me.


I’m a big celebrity romance fan. In fact, I would put them as my third favorite romance trope only behind fauxmances and ice queens. I also love reading new authors and after so many of my friends loved this, I thought this would be a big win for me. Instead, I was honestly just underwhelmed. The overall story is one that has been done before, and I’m not sure if there was anything different enough to catch my attention. The whole big star in the closet doesn’t have the same effect it had even just ten years ago. And in the end, I didn’t feel the urgency of having to keep their relationship a secret or the drama that came with it.

The whole closet thing led me to another part that bothered me. Loc is so scared of anyone knowing she’s gay, so she’s so happy to find someone like Vanessa who understands that and wants to keep her safe. Vanessa is going to be patient and date in secret until Loc is ready. Fast forward only a couple of chapters and Vanessa is trying to force her out with an ultimatum. All I could think of is really, this is how you show her you care and will be there for her? I thought Loc should forget Vanessa and find someone who would actually be patient.

Besides not being much of a Vanessa fan, I wasn’t crazy about these two as a couple. The chemistry was just barely there for me. I felt like the characters went from a saying few words to each other… to real feelings. There was none of that good connecting part that I want in a romance. I love the dating and getting to know you phases, I love seeing a connection develop, but I thought that was missing in this story.

On the good side, I was happy that the ending didn’t feel rushed. It was a cute romantic ending. I did find the speech Loc gave to be over the top, you would have thought she cured cancer or something, but it was only a small eye-roll. In the end, this wasn’t the story I was expecting. It just didn’t have the spark I was looking for. I thought it was a cute story and I think it was nicely written for a debut. I would not be surprised if we see a lot more of Grayson in the future. When it comes to this book I’m an outlier here. Many people really loved this one so I would suggest reading some other reviews to help you decide if this book is for you. 3 stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

Love's Falling Star by B.D. Grayson

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