Mail Order Bride by Molly J. Bragg
Mail Order Bride by Molly J. Bragg

Mail Order Bride by Molly J. Bragg

I had a blast reading this book

Sam Murray is very bright and should have a fantastic future ahead of her in college and beyond. But this is a future Earth where aliens from space are gradually turning the planet’s inhabitants into low-paid worker bees. The only out is to go off-world and obtain an education from one of the advanced species. Sam’s mother just doesn’t have the clout so as a last resort, Sam agrees to an arranged marriage to a space alien who is human-like.


Orla’s family is old money and influential. However, the planet, Talamh, needs outside genetic material for their diminished population so they bring in off-worlders. Sam seems like a good fit and Orla is already attracted to her just from pictures and description. They want her.

I’ll be frank. Some readers really go for monster/human couples or supernatural/human pairs. I’m into interspecies space alien/human connections. I don’t understand it myself. The heart likes what the heart likes.

Orla and Sam are true sweethearts and they grow a genuine bond of love and friendship as they begin their betrothal on Orla’s planet. Sam is a charmer and a workaholic, a true earthling. She has a rough go of it at first, the culture shock and the necessary artificial enhancements are good bits of outer space tech that add flavor but are not heavy.

Orla is a good person who is maybe too tender-hearted for their planet. They crave touch and physical affection in a place where it is taboo. They’re loyal to family and an honorable being. Orla is also very much in love with their best friend, Sorcha, but they’ve made a commitment to Sam. Sorcha, by the way, is fire. Gorgeous and sharp-tongued, they square up to Sam just to remind her that they’re not going anywhere. I’d like to add that the poly aspect of the story is a gradual falling in love so it felt genuine and respectful of all three of them.

I had a blast reading this book. The story is funny, has surprise turns, some family intrigue, and best of all, the characters are all scorching hot. That’s my one question after finishing. The book ends at a sort of beginning. I sincerely hope that there is a sequel or a novella or a short story. Anything at all to quench the thirst. I need more Orla, Sam, and Sorcha together. 5 stars.

Mail Order Bride by Molly J. BraggMail Order Bride by Molly J. Bragg

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