A great addition to the Marine's Heart Series

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Marine's Heart Series

A great addition to the Marine’s Heart Series

Review of ‘A Marine Discovery’ by Jax Meyer

This is book three in the Marine’s Heart Series by this author. Is it a hard thing to do or is it something unchangeable? That’s the question that Cam Warren asks herself throughout this book and it’s such a potent query.


In ‘A Marine Awakening’, Cam meets her soulmate, Sharon Rodriguez in the Marine Corp during the time of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell but they make the relationship work in spite of the stifling policy. Six years later, in the sequel, they’re flourishing as a couple but their lives have hit a crossroads. Sharon is in the military for the long haul but Cam has decided to leave the Marines and return to college. This is a momentous decision that could potentially cause a rift between them. When Sharon’s unit deploys to Iraq, the separation triggers doubts and fears but unexpectedly, also allows them to grow as individuals.

It’s during this time that Cam is finally able to put a name to what she has always felt within herself, what fixed her apart from other people, the struggle to make eye contact, the inability to gauge social cues, a lack of emotional reciprocity, what might be difficult to alter against what is hard wired in her behavior. For Cam, the new self-knowledge about autism resets everything.

Discovery has intense moments but there’s also a lot of joy and humor. Cam and Sharon are one of my favorite young couples in fiction. The secondary characters are warm and genuine. I recommend that you at least read ‘A Marine Awakening’ before this one. Lastly, Marines are hot and there are plenty of steamy scenes to prove it.

Marine's Heart SeriesMarine's Heart Series

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