You can count on Melissa Brayden books that they'll always deliver
melissa brayden books

You can count on Melissa Brayden books that they’ll always deliver

Review of ‘Entangled’ by Melissa Brayden

You can count on Melissa Brayden books that they’ll always deliver. Quality writing, well-built characters, hot chemistry, banter, and lots of witty dialogues. So every time there is a new novel out, my motivation to read it is high. Plus, this is the start of a new series ‘A Tangle Valley Romance’ which is always exciting.


Josephine ‘Joey’ Wilder has inherited her family business, Tangle Valley Vineyard. She has new ideas to improve it but a new luxury hotel, The Jade, is threatening to kill the vineyard rustic charm. Becca Crawford is the manager of said hotel and is adamant to get the hotel to succeed and convince the alluring owner of the vineyard that she’s not the enemy. Will Joey and Becca have a chance together?

This is a very good start to this new series which follows three friends who work together in Tangle Valley Vineyard – Joey, Gabriella and Madison – in search of their romantic relationships. Book one features Joey who has lost a lot in her life and is content to focus on her family’s legacy in the vineyard. That is, until Becca appears in her life and breaks her well-built walls.

As usual, Ms. Brayden did a great characterisation work, making both leads believable and multilayered. One thing I admire about this author is her ability to build powerful chemistry and increasing tension between the main characters until it inevitably explodes with fireworks. These two leads are made for each other and it’s impossible not to root for them and agonize with their relationship woes.

The events that lead to their crisis are believable in the context of the story but my only disappointment is that the ‘grand gesture’ of reconciliation wasn’t as exciting as it’s the norm in Melissa Brayden books. Having said that, ‘Entangled’ is super enjoyable and a very good start to this new series. I can’t wait to see where Ms. Brayden takes these characters next. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

melissa brayden booksmelissa brayden books

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